Because gymnastics is a difficult sport, it is quite common for gymnasts to become discouraged.  It is a sport that requires you to not only be physically strong, but mentally strong as well.  Think about what kind of mindset you generally have throughout the day.  Is it one that is helpful or hurtful in learning new things?

When it comes to learning a new skill or perfecting a routine often our thinking can become one of ” I can’t do this”  or “this is too hard; I give up”.  When we say these things, we are limiting ourselves to a negative type of belief and creating a fixed mindset.  Fixed mindsets lead us to believe that things are unlikely to change and our out of our control.

How do we get out of this fixed mindset and into a more positive thought process?  The answer is one simple word- YET.

“I can’t do this…yet”  By adding this powerful word to your vocabulary you can change the whole outlook and open your mind to possibilities. Thinking more in the terms of YET will help you transfer into a growth mindset.  Growth mindsets focus on planning, effort, goal setting and having persistence.

If you sense that your gymnast is getting frustrated try changing to the power of yet. Have them keep repeating to themselves that they have the power to improve.  You are not there yet, but you can get there!