NINJA-NIC-KICK-YELLOW-04Kapow!   What if I told you there are ninjas at Gravity. You may not see them, *wink* but they’re here every afternoon.  Ninja Zone is our newest program for boys ages 3 1/2 – 12.  It fuses elements of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and freestyle movement.

The goal of Ninja Zone is to turn energy into ambition. We run, flip, and build strong boys, but that’s just the start!  A big aspect of Ninja training is learning to be respectful, focused, and determined.

Ninja Zone Headquarters recently posted a list of ways to be a successful ninja.  Here at Gravity, we love to focus on  #2 on the list:  Ninja’s embrace the hard stuff and not afraid to fail.  If they do fail, they dust themselves off and try again.  Read the full list of ways to be a successful ninja below:

We definitely see success in our own Gravity Ninjas!  Learn more about our program HERE.