Kids_In_CampEach summer over 10 million kids attend camp of some sort and for many parents the selection process can be a daunting experience.

So, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the best summer camp to fit your family’s needs! With so many different options for camps available, it can be nearly impossible to pick just one!


What does your kid want?

If you’re not sure what kind of camp your child would want to take part in, ask them. Best way of finding the perfect match is to involve your child in the process. Together you can look online and visit the camp site together. If your child feels a part of the selection process, they’re more likely to have a more positive experience.


2_Clip_ArtHow will my child benefit from the camp?

As you research together with your child, make sure you understand the program’s values and mission and see if it matches your end goal. Will this camp help them to achieve these goals in one way or another? Is this an educational camp? Will my child be physically active while attending? Day camps should include a wide range of activities that your child wouldn’t regularly have access to. Oftentimes its their first real opportunity to learn life skills such as independence, social skills, sportsmanship, leadership, and self-confidence.


3_Clip_ArtIs it safe?

While on your search, consider camper to counselor ratio. Lower ratio means a safer experience, better supervision, greater opportunities to learn, and most important, more interaction with role models who will be mentors to your children. Remember, great counselors create a great camp! Ask about counselor certification; have the staff members passed background checks and obtained required certifications? You may also want to ask if it is an indoor or outdoor camp? Will my child have a large quantity of sun exposure? Will activities be canceled due weather conditions?


4_Clip_ArtWill it fit my budget?

Sending your child to camp can be costly. Deciding on your family’s budget first will prevent temporary lifestyle changes. As summer weeks pile up, added tuition savings are always welcome. Consider asking if there are member discounts, sibling discounts, even multi-week discounts; it doesn’t hurt to ask. Camps that offer flexi-schedules and varied sessions allow you to best accommodate to your needs.




One of the most memorable things about summer is camp! Regardless of what camp you and your child choose, we wish you all a refreshing summer!