1. What will my child do each week / day?
    During each camp day children stay BUSY! Gravity brings a comprehensive approach to the educational needs of your child; from gymnastics to science, from fitness to Spanish, children engage in the wonderful world of learning through play and discovery.
  2. Are the teachers Qualified? Are they certified?
    When new clients ask how Gravity is different from other institutions, we quickly smile and say: “OUR STAFF”. We have a magnificent group of caring teachers whose priority is to provide a safe learning environment. Our culture is one of continued education, where children and our staff are constantly engaging in new learning experiences. All teachers are Safety Certified by USAG and participate in monthly educational workshops to constantly enrich themselves.
  3. Does Gravity do Field Trips?
    As safety is our number one priority, Gravity does not do field trips. Gravity considers the risks associated with transporting children to venues with uncontrolled environments just too high. We have so many fun activities during the day, we have no need to leave the gym!
  4. Can I register for just a day?
    We know that planning activities for your children is complicated, especially with your busy schedule. Gravity created a “Flexi Camp Schedule” where you can register daily, weekly or for the whole summer; you can also choose a full day or just 1/2 a day option! Early care and after care are also available!
  5. What time should I drop off my child?
    Gravity Camp has three session

    • Session I:
      Drop off 8:15AM until 8:30AM. Pick up: 12:15PM to 12:30PM.
    • Session II:
      Drop off 8:15AM until 8:30AM. Pick up: 3:15PM to 3:30PM.
    • Session III:
      Drop off 8:15AM until 8:30AM. Pick up: until 6:30PM.
  6. Is there Extended Care?
    Yes! Extended care starts at 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM.
  7. How about snacks & lunch?
    • We ask that you send snacks and drinks. There are two snack breaks per day, one around 10:00 AM and one around 2:30 PM. If your child is registered for session III, please keep in mind that it is a long day, please send additional snacks and drinks.
    • All children must bring their own utensils, napkins, and drinks for lunch and snacks.
    • Those children who purchase lunch at Gravity are exempt since everything that is needed will be provided to them.
    • Lunch boxes will not be allowed in the refrigerator. You may put an “ice pack” in the lunch box to keep food cool and in good condition.
    • The use of a microwave is not available.
  8. Will my child wear a uniform?
    Yes! Your child will wear “The Gravity Camp T-shirt”. Most camp registrations will include a FREE uniform t-shirt. Additional t-shirts can be purchased at the front desk.
  9. What should my child bring each day?
    We ask that your child brings flip-flops or crocs for easy trips to the restroom and movement up and down the stairs.  We would also like for your child to bring a backpack with a change of clothes and a sweater in case it gets a bit chilly during non physical activities.
  10. Can my child take an electronic device?
    No electronic devices are permitted at Gravity Camp. We would like to encourage children to interact with each other and use their imagination and creativity at all times.
  11. What if my child would like to call me?
    If your child needs to call you, we will let him/her use the office phone at any time.
  12. What if my child needs to take his/her medicine?
    Gravity staff members are not authorized to administer any type of medicine. Band-Aids and ice are the “magic” exceptions.
  13. Will there be a weekly show or demonstration?
    Yes! During our Summer Camp, there is a show every other Friday at 2:30 PM.