Clara Cinti
Clara CintiOwner – Operational Director
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
Master’s Degree in Counseling & Guidance
Experience: Former International Judge
Over 30 years of teaching and coaching experience.
Maria Victoria Bonino
Maria Victoria BoninoOwner – Pro-shop Director
Education: M.D. Dermatologist
Mariela Igol
Mariela IgolOwner – Executive Director
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.
Experience: Former International Gymnastics Judge.
Former Member of Argentinean National Team.
Over twenty years of coaching experience.

Department Leaders

Zulma Roman

After Care and Camp Department Leader

Education: Physiotherapist, Specialist in Ergonomics and Scientific Basis of Sports Performance, Gymnastics and Volleyball.

Experience: Over 20 years of coaching experience. Gymnastics judge for over 18 years. Physiotherapist for 13 years.

Katy Helmly

Team Communications & Program Director, Employee Educational Leader

Education: Degree in Psychology; Children’s Development

Experience: Level 8 competitive gymnast. 15 plus years of coaching experience.

Oscar Romero

Grade School and Ninja Zone Director

Elizabeth Veras

Mornings of Discovery Director & Preschool Coach

Teachers & Coaches

Gary Rock

Grade School Leadership Team – Grade School Coach 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Experience: over 30 years of coaching experience in gymnastics. Also, Gary is a professional magician and enjoys entertaining for children’s parties and events.

Hindi Gomez

Grade School Leadership Team – Grade School Teacher – Team Coach

Education: Recreational Therapy Major / Psychology Minor

Experience: Competitive Elite Gymnast for 10 yrs. Professional Dancer w/ New Century Dance Company for 10 yrs.

Francesca Cinti

Grade School & Team Coach

Education: Pursuing a Degree in Sports Management.

Experience: Level 6 competitive gymnast, USAG member and safety certified, 5 plus years coaching

Demi Morente

Grade School and Developmental Team Coach

Education: Associates in Graphic Design
Experience: Level 7 Competitive Gymnast, 5 plus years coaching

Mori Cadenas

Preschool Coach

Education: Masters in Physical Education with a focus in Special Education, Teacher of Physical Education Specialty Gymnastics.

Experience: High performance athlete for 13 years, FIG Level 3 trainer, Competitive level and high performance coach, Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge

Danielle Dean

Preschool & Developmental Team Coach

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

Education: Degree in Marketing

Experience: Former Level 7 competitive gymnast, 8 years coaching

Commonly Heard Saying:  “Cool Beans”

Kimberley Palmer

Grade School and Team Coach

Education: College Degree

Experience: Competitive gymnast Level 8. A member of USAG for over 20 years. Pre-school, grade school classes, coaching/teaching with team/xcel all ages 3-18 for over 15 years. Safety certified, 3 kinder care certifications, 1-4 evaluation certification.

Irina Kadatko

Grade School & Team Coach, Mornings of Discovery Teacher

Omar Palermo

Grade School and Ninja Coach

Education: Graduated from the national school of circus in Cuba. Graduated as a masseur from the international school “kineva” under doctor Sagrera Ferrandiz in Barcelona, Spain.

Experience: Martial arts coach. Black belt. Emergency paramedic rescuer in Chile. 20 years of training acrobatics and martial arts in Cuba and Chile.

Bryant Reyes

Grade School & Ninja Coach

Education: Pursuing a degree in business administration.

Experience: A lifeguard and swim coach for 6 years. A gymnastics, ninja, and rock climbing coach for 4 years.

Alishe Hajaree

Preschool and Grade School Coach

Education: Pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice.

Experience: All-star and college cheerleader.

Nathalie Arana

Grade School Coach

Education: High School Senior

Experience: XCEL Gold Gymnast here at Gravity

Tylor Eglimez

Preschool & Grade School, Developmental Team Coach

Education: Pursuing College degree in Biology, pre-medical.

Experience: Competitive gymnast for 10 years. Level 10.  Coaching experience: 3 years

Office Team Members

Claudia Perez

Office Manager

Yenny Mesa

Office Team Member

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration

Experience: I have worked in customer service for about 8 years now. Customer service is something that I enjoy, and it also helps me relate to our customers because I treat them the way I would want to be treated.

Keyla Barriola

Office Team Member

Jacqueline Feliciano

Office Team Member

Education: I went to la Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico to study veterinary science, and now I am continuing my studies at Miami Dade College as a veterinary technician.

Experience: I have 3 years of experience in customer service and an additional year as an assistant manager at a boutique in Pembroke Gardens Mall.

Suleika Ramirez

Office Team Member

Hometown: Christiansted, St. Croix

Education: Associates Degree in Psychology. Currently pursuing degree in Psychology and Education.

Experience: I have worked in customer service for 7 years and I definitely enjoy what I do every day.

Commonly Heard Saying:  “Much Obliged”

Eddy Ramos

Office Team Member

Education: Pursuing a Bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Florida International University.

Experience: I’ve been doing customer service for 3 years now and I love it. I was a Front Desk Lead at a Spa and have worked for two retail stores at Westland Mall.