Healthy Snacking Habits at Home

This season, your kids (and likely you as a parent) are in the house more than ever thanks to revised school schedules, canceled sports seasons, and limited social interactions. That means now more than ever, your kitchen has likely become snack time central, allowing easy access to whatever is stocked in the fridge or pantry. If you’re concerned about your child’s snacking habits, or hoping to avoid food boredom as the months of life-at-home wear on, keep reading for some important nutritional tips around snacking at home.


Here are some helpful tips from TrueSport to make your kid’s
snacking from home experience healthy and satisfying!

  • Make a list of approved snacks:
    -without parental interventions snacks tend to get sweeter and less healthy
  • Check in on hunger cues
    -kids have a hard time knowing when they actually feel hungry, since they’re so used to being told when to eat. Avoid leaving food in plain sight

  • Get a handle on emotions
    -children are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of stress thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result they may be more prone to emotional  and as a result, they may be more prone to emotional eating. 
  • Creating snack boundaries 
    -set limitations to where you can and cannot eat
  • Keep junk food out of the house
    – access to junk food can become problematic

  • Meal prep smart choices
    -prevent food boredom and let your child choose some options for the week

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