1. How does After Care work at Gravity Gymnastics?
    As children arrive from school, they change into their workout clothes, have a snack and go into their gymnastics/fitness class. As they conclude physical activities, they go to our After Care room and commence working on their homework assignments. Once homework is revised, children engage in extracurricular activities such as science, Spanish, art and free play.
  2. What is the teacher to student ratio?
    Our endless dedication to our students is reflected in our small teacher to student ratio 1/6 to 1/10 depending upon activities. Children are divided into small groups based on age and ability level.
  3. Does Gravity provide transportation services?
    Gravity works with several transportation companies who serve schools in our area. Please refer to link below to view Transportation Company Directory. (add link)
  4. How old does my child have to be to participate in After Care Program?
    After Care Programs is for children in K-8.
  5. Can I register just one day a week?
    Gravity provides a flexible schedule where children can register for one, three, or five times per week.
  6. What are After Care Hours?
    There are three different sessions available:

    • Session I:Drop Off: begins at 2:15PM – Pick Up: ends at 6:30PM
    • Session II:Drop Off: begins at 3:30PM – Pick Up: ends at 7: 30PM
    • Session III: Drop Off: begins at 2:15PM – Pick Up: ends at 7:30PM
  7. Is homework revised and corrected?
    Absolutely, teachers will revise and correct the homework with all children. If your child is having issues with a specific subject or cannot finish the assignment, the teachers will let you know when you pick him/her up.
  8. Are computers available for online assignments?
    Yes! Children have access to computers in order to complete their online assignments.
  9. Does my child need to wear a uniform?
    Yes! All Aftercare students wear a uniform t-shirt which is provided upon registration. Additional t-shirts may be purchased at the front office.