1. What will my child do each week / day?  During each camp day children stay BUSY! Gravity brings a comprehensive approach to the educational needs of your child; from gymnastics to science, from fitness to Spanish, children engage in the wonderful world of learning through play and discovery.
  2. Are the teachers Qualified? Are they certified? When new clients ask how Gravity is different from other institutions, we quickly smile and say: “OUR STAFF”. We have a magnificent group of caring teachers whose priority is to provide a safe learning environment. Our culture is one of continued education, where children and our staff are constantly engaging in new learning experiences. All teachers are Safety Certified by USAG and participate in monthly educational workshops to constantly enrich themselves.
  3. How will drop off procedures work?

    In order to minimize onsite traffic, Gravity will implement a carpool drop-off system. Please see below:

    • Drop off begins @ 8:15 AM sharp, (door 11940, front entrance).
    • Please have a sign with your child’s name on the dashboard.
    • You must wear your face mask and have a pen handy.
    • A staff member will approach the car and provide you with the sign in sheet.
    • He/she will usher your child into the gym.
    • We encourage parents to complete drop off between 8:15-8:30 AM 
  4. How will pick up procedures work? 

    In order to minimize onsite traffic, Gravity will implement a carpool pick-up system. 

    • Pick-up carpool system begins @ 3:30 PM and runs until 3:45 PM (back of building).
    • Please have a sign with your child’s name on the dashboard.
    • You must wear your face mask and have a pen handy to sign pick-up sheet. 
    • A staff member will usher your child into the car. 
    • Those of you picking up after 3:45 PM, will have to park and enter the facility for pick up. Please limit entrance to one adult per family.
  5. Is there Extended Care?
    Gravity Camp 2021 offers a session that goes from 8:30am-6:30pm
  6. How about snacks & lunch?
    – Parents should pack lunch and snacks for campers
    – Gravity will not have lunch or snacks for sale during Camp 2021
    – Vending machines and water fountains will be closed
    – There are two snack breaks per day, one around 10:00 AM and one around 2:00 PM.
    – Lunch boxes will not be allowed in the refrigerator. You may put an “ice pack” in the lunch box to keep food cool and in good condition.
    – The use of a microwave is not available.
  7. Will I be able to access LIVE streaming of camp?
    Yes! Gravity will provide parents to access code to Live streaming upon registration 
  8. Will my child wear a uniform?
    Gravity campers are expected to wear the camp uniform t-shirt. Gravity members will receive a complimentary uniform shirt.

    Long hair must be tied up and all jewelry removed.  Kids will be barefoot in the gym, but please send your child with easy slip on shoes for bathroom use. Also, feel free to pack a sweater as the gym gets chilly.

  9. What should my child bring each day?
    – Lunch, snacks & drinks
    – Sandals or crocs
    – A change of clothes (in case of emergencies) 
    – Face mask & zip-lock bag(to put it away when not using it.)
  10. Can my child use electronic devices during camp? 
    We ask that no electronic devices be sent with your child to camp. We like to encourage children to interact with each other and use their imagination and creativity.  If your child needs to get in contact with you they will be allowed to call from the front office.
  11. What if my child needs to take his/her medicine? 
    Gravity staff members are not authorized to administer any type of medicine. Band-Aids and ice are the “magic” exceptions