All participants of the sport of gymnastics develop impressive strength-to-bodyweight ratios, strong postural muscles, upper body strength, flexibility and good leaping abilities. In fact, many associations consider gymnastics to be the foundation of all human movement. It provides a solid foundation of important skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness that can be transferred to all other athletic activities. Children develop lifelong skills while fostering social interactions with peers in a fun and positive environment!


Preschool Gymnastics-  2 1/2 to 5 years:              

Our preschool program welcomes all children, crawlers to five years of age, to explore and discover the fascinating world of movement within a fun, safe, and positive environment. Our main objective is for children to acquire positive learning attitudes through physical activity and play.

Grade School Program – Kinder to 8th grade:

At the age of five or older, girls are eligible to enroll in this program. Classes are grouped by age and level. Students will benefit from increased physical activity and improve in the areas of strength, flexibility, speed, balance, and coordination.

Competitive Team:

Gravity Gymnastics features the “Recreational Team Program” (RTP) and the “Competitive Team Program” (CTP). RTP emphasizes skill acquisition and strength but it is not a competitive program. Gymnasts in the CTP will participate in competitions within the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program and/or AAU League.