Gravity continues to create programs to help children in our community exercise and learn! We are proud to introduce… Kid in Motion, a safe and fun space where children can engage in two hours of physical activities and social interaction on a daily basis.

Our community has observed social distance for over five months. Now, students are learning online and physical activity and social interaction are almost nonexistent. Children are desperate to see other children, to exercise and play, to release energy and therefore relieve stress.

The Kids in Motion program will provide students a fun and safe space to exercise, learn and socialize!

How does Kids In Motion work?

The goal of the Kids in Motion program is to provide our students with a fun and safe space to exercise and learn. They will be partaking in a variety of physical activities including gymnastics, ninja, yoga, P.E. and more! Students will have a daily break of 15 minutes to eat a snack and socialize with peers (of course, this will be done respecting social distance as always!). 

Ages: 6 to 12

Safety Protocols

Safety is Gravity’s number one priority. We have created a series of guidelines and protocols to help keep our students, families, and staff safe. Please visit our safety page to fully understand our comprehensive safety plan by clicking the link below:



Please view some of our safety protocols below: 

  • Daily disinfection of facility

  • Daily temperature checks to all students & staff

  • Students & staff wear face-masks at all times

  • Physical distance is observed at all times

  • Sanitizing stations throughout facility

  • Windows are open to improve ventilation

  • Desks are placed 8 feet apart – students do not share work spaces

  • Students bring their own electronic – no sharing of any equipment


Please understand that if your child is not able to respect social distance and follow safety instructions, he/she will not be able to participate in the Learning Hub Program for his/her own safety and the safety of other students and staff.

Financial Information:



Registration Now Open!