1. How I enroll my child?In order to enroll for Mornings of Discovery, your child must be 2 1/2-4 years old (doesn’t have to be potty trained) and first participate in an evaluation class. We need to make sure his/her maturity level allows them to follow basic directions and stay with the group. Please give us a call to schedule your child’s free evaluation at 954-450-7770.
  2. What is Morning of Discovery all about?
    The Mornings of Discovery Program is carefully planned to help children have a better and happier transition from being with mommy at the house to the formal education system at school. Gravity has developed an age appropriate curriculum with achievable goals for every child to make sure that all children progress while enjoying the learning process.
  3. What type of activities will my child be engaging in?
    At Mornings of Discovery children learn through movement and play. They will be working on concepts related to Math, Science, Reading and Writing, Spanish, Music and Rhythmic expressions, Arts, Physical Education, Gymnastics, Social skills and more!
  4. What is the schedule like?
    Morning of Discovery students meet three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Please drop off at 8:45am and pick up at 12:10pm. Students also enjoy an additional gymnastics class (for Free!) to be scheduled at your preferred day and time.
  5. What is my child supposed to bring each day
    • Morning of Discovery students wear their uniform t-shirt and sport shorts or pants.
    • Long hair should be pulled back in a pony-tail.
    • A lunch box packed with snacks
    • A water bottle
    • Change of clothes for unexpected accidents
    • Diapers or pull-ups if needed
    • Please send your child with sandals or crocs so they can put on and take off independently.
    • Please label all items your child brings to class.
  6. Is Gymnastics safe for my child?
    At Gravity Gymnastics we have as our primary concern the safety of your child. All instructors discuss and review safety rules with students on a daily basis as they are introduced to gymnastics equipment and new skills.
  7. What is the Weather and Closures Policy?
    Gravity Gymnastics follows Broward County Public Schools’ closures.