Safety is our #1 goal in all areas of Gravity


Covid-19 Safety

In order to view Gravity’s safety procedures and protocols for Covid-19 please click the button below:



Gravity coaches are well prepared to teach.

  • Gravity is a USAG member and follows the Safe Sport policy.

  • Every Gravity coach has had a background check.

  • Every Gravity coach is USAG certified. Courses include Safe Sport and Gymnastics General Safety. 

  • Gravity coaches attend educational training meetings on a weekly basis.

The Parking Lot


We want children and families to remain safe when entering and exiting the building.

  • Drive slowly in the parking lot area.

  • You must park inside a parking space. Please no blocking other vehicles.

  • Please walk your child into and out of the building.  Please no drop-offs or pick ups.

  • Please do not leave any valuable items in your car.

The Lobby

We strive to keep the lobby safe, clean, and an enjoyable space for everyone.

  • Children must be supervised in the lobby.

  • Use your shoes for the restroom. Floors can be slippery!

  • Save your flips for class! No running or gymnastics in the lobby.

  • Please keep the stairways and platform clear and accessible. 

  • Gravity is not equipped to watch children before or after class. Parents must supervise when not in class.

  • Don’t forget to take your belongings (cell phones, laptops, shoes, etc) when you leave the building. Gravity is not responsible for any lost items.

Class Attire

Prepare your child for a safe class.

  • Remove your child’s shoes and socks.

  • Place shoes on the rack and water bottles in the baskets.

  • Adequate gym attire- no jeans, skirts, or half piece outfits.

  • Remove all jewelry.

  • Hair must be tied up away from your face.

Class Behavior

Listening and good behavior will keep the class safe and fun!


  • Be aware of your surroundings.  LOOK and LISTEN!

  • Listen to coach’s instructions.

  • Follow the coach in a single file line when moving around the gym.

  • Ask your teacher before leaving for the restroom, water fountain, or parent.

  • Do not attempt any skills unless instructed by your teacher.

Parents, it takes a village to raise a child. Let’s work together to keep them safe too.
If you notice a person who appears unattached to a child, please notify the front desk. 

Gym Safety

Each gym apparatus should be approached with safety in mind