Our Story

It was late in 2006 when the owners of Gravity Gymnastics starting dreaming about opening a gymnastics school for children. We strongly believed that learning should be a magical experience which all children should be able to enjoy and love. We wanted to provide children with the opportunity to experience learning in a positive environment, where emphasis is put in what they do right and where effort is always prized.

We faced many obstacles and financial hardships; it took many months of hard work, intense studying, and relentless dedication, but Gravity finally opened its doors in May of 2008. Since then, many things have changed. We added over 2500 square feet of capacity, acquired new gymnastics equipment, installed safety cameras and monitors, and improved systems and operations. However, many years later our core belief remains the same: the learning process should be fun and enjoyable to all children, and through it, children should gain the confidence needed for a lifetime of happiness and success.

Gravity’s directors have many years of experience and superb knowledge in the fields of gymnastics, child development and education. They came together to build a dream, a dream that today is called Gravity Gymnastics.

Clara Cinti

  • Judged several international gymnastics competitions.
  • Organized several international gymnastics events.
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in physical education.
  • Has a master’s degree in counseling and guidance.

Sergio Dizeo

  • Coached at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Participated in several world championships and Pan-American Games.
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in physical education.
  • Has a master’s degree in artistic gymnastics.

Mariela Igol

  • Competed for the Argentinean Gymnastics National Team.
  • Coached the Argentinean Gymnastics Junior National Team.
  • Judged several international gymnastics competitions.
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

After five years of hard work, Gravity Gymnastics now has over 700 students and provides several educational programs such as Gymnastics Classes, After Care, Camps, and Mom’s Morning Out. We also have other non-instructional programs including Open Gym and Parents’ Night Out where children have the opportunity to exercise and socialize.

Back in 2006, our business plan said…

“… Our experienced directors and certified coaching staff will have as their main objective to help children in our community engage and love the learning experience. Through continuous encouragement and positive reinforcement, children will be introduced to new and challenging situations. Our professional staff members will help children to view the learning process as a positive and fun experience, which can open the door to a new world of opportunities. Within a fun but structured learning environment, coaches will provide children with the tools to develop physical, mental, and spatial awareness, giving them a sense of self-confidence and self-respect…”

Today, our mission statement is

Gravity strives to help children enjoy the learning process and gain the confidence needed for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Thank you for choosing Gravity as the environment in which your children will gain confidence, friendships and health. We are proud to call you part of our Gravity family.