Preschool Gymnastics at Gravity

Our gymnastics program for children 4 months to 5 years of age has a distinctive whole year long curriculum specially designed to help children have a healthier and happier physical, emotional and psychological growth by reaching developmental milestones and channel the extraordinary energy they have at these early ages.

Babies and Preschool Class Descriptions

Children will be practicing skills on bars, rings, balance beams, floor and vaulting stations. Every week we provide them with different props, music and obstacle courses to help them enjoy the learning process. During class, children are also exposed to concepts like spatial and perceptual awareness, mastery of colors, shapes, letters and numbers, kindergarten prep, imagination development and more!

gravity gymnastics wonderous caterpillars

Wondrous Caterpillars (starting at 4months)

FREE 45 minute class
Gravity Gymnastics offers FREE baby classes to all children 4 to 12 months of age. Studies suggest that babies who are stimulated reach developmental milestones and become independent earlier. Gravity strongly believes in helping all babies in our community have a happier and healthier development.
During the Caterpillar class, babies and their parents are led through a variety of fun and stimulating activities, songs, props and games to help babies grow emotionally and develop basic motor skills such as: crawling, climbing, stepping, sliding, and walking, balance and agility skills, and introductory tumbling.

Our experienced teachers are sensitive to the strong emotional attachment these little ones are developing with their parents, and each adult/child unit is nurtured according to their specific needs.


Speedy Turtles (walking babies)

45 minute class
Focus is placed on basic motor skills such as: walking, jumping, and climbing, along with rotation, hanging and body shaping. This class will help your toddler develop physically, mentally and socially through playing with different props, music, obstacle courses and friends.


Curious Rabbits (kids able to run and jump)

45 minute class
Children will develop their motor, listening and verbal skills. They also learn to follow directions, wait in line and begin learning rotations, directions, body-shapes and gymnastics skills with parental assistance.


Mighty Elephants (ages 3 and 4 beginners)

45 minute class
In Mighty Elephants, children will begin to learn the basic gymnastics drills and body awareness needed for more advanced skills. Coordination of hands, eyes, and feet are also incorporated in this class. As they complete Mighty Elephants, children will achieve complete independence.

Graceful Zebras (ages 3.5 – 4.5 )

55 minute class – by invitation only
For young gymnasts who have shown longer attention spans and an understanding of technical corrections. More complex skills are introduced as well as technical corrections.  An emphasis is placed on all-around strength and flexibility.


Intrepid Lions (ages 4 & 5)

55 minute class
Children continue learning basic gymnastic skills and body shapes. You will see basic walks on balance beam, jumps, rolls, and hangs leading into progressions of skills including handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolling, and pull-overs on bars and more.


Advanced Monkeys (age 5 by invitation)

55 minute class – by invitation only
Gymnasts prepare for more complex skills. More emphasis is placed on all-around strength and flexibility and more specific technical corrections are incorporated to the class environment.


Important Details

Class Pricing 

Gravity Membership

On going program. Annual curriculum. Monthly tuition.

Annual Enrollment: $55.00 (second year on is only $25.00)
Annual Family Enrollment: (second year on is only $35.00)

We offer classes Monday thru Saturday at a variety of times.  Check out our 2018-2019 schedule HERE

  • Schedule subject to change
  • 2018-2019 schedule starts on August 13
  • Unlimited June-August-  No need to freeze your account. Go on that summer vacation!
  • 1 per month (September- May)
    • Within 4 weeks after missed class date
    •  Must be actively enrolled to schedule
    • Based on class availability
    • Call to schedule 954-450-7770
All students must wear the Gravity uniform t-shirt that corresponds to their class level ($15.90). Students in the higher levels (Elephants, Lions, and Monkeys) will be required to get the Jungle Safari class kits ($22.50)



If you and/or your child believes that she may have potential and is interested in participating in the team program, do not hesitate to contact us for a complementary evaluation.