Parents, looking for a safe & fun option for your kids when school is out?


When schools are out, at Gravity we continue to learn and challenge both, body & mind. Keeping children active and engaged in the learning process is essential for your child’s development.

Kids, off the couch! Let’s go exercise!


What do we do during a Fun Day?


During our gymnastics lessons you will learn new skills and proper techniques. Apparatuses include Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Trampoline.


Learn and experience the benefits of being active! We work on aspects such as strength building, flexibility, endurance, and body coordination.

Open Play

Free time in the gym is the perfect time to use your imagination, play games and practice what you’ve learned throughout the day.

Upcoming Fun Days:

  • September 28th

  • October 19th

  • November 3rd

  • November 11th


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