Helping children enjoy the learning process and gain the confidence
needed for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Five Unifying Values

1. Respect

  • a. Unconditional respect for each other.
  • b. Unconditional respect for the company’s image, assets, & value system.

2. Trust

  • a. To be trustworthy and exemplify integrity.
  • b. To trust each other.

3. Team Work

  • a. To work together as a unit through collaboration.
  • b. To keep an open mind at all times.
  • c. Listen first, and then share your thoughts and ideas.

4. Straightforwardness

  • a. To communicate in an open and respectful manner.
  • b. To be able to analyze situations from other people’s perspective.
  • c. Listen first, and then share your thoughts and ideas.
  • d. In disagreement, go straight to the person who can solve the problem.

5. Continual Growth

  • a. Seek continual growth through individual innovation allowing you to make responsible mistakes.

11 Teaching Principles

1. Keep children safe at all times
2. Unconditional respect
3. Provide children with achievable goals
4. Capture kids doing things right
5. Creativity, variety, & FUN
6. Clearly communicate your expectations
7. Perpetual motion
8. Adequate body language
9. Enthusiasm
10. Empathy, compassion, and love
11. Strong communication with parents