Spring Camp 2023

March 17th-24th

We are excited about offering our students the opportunity to exercise, play and learn here at Gravity this spring break. Gravity camp enables our students to improve their fitness level and socialize in a fun and nurturing environment. As you know, gymnastics is the mother of all sports; giving your child the opportunity to improve all physical abilities and learn new gymnastics skills throughout the break, will set up your child for success in any sport next school year! We encourage you to register early to save with Early Bird pricing and secure your child’s spot. Looking forward to seeing you!

When School’s Out… Gravity Keeps Teaching!

Our Spring Camp is open to students 6 to 12! Students participate in a wide variety of activities including gymnastics classes, ninja training, arts-&-crafts, fitness, aerial silks, hands on Spanish Exposure activities, and countless challenging games. Campers rotate every twenty minutes from one station to the next; making our camp fun and exciting. Students stay active throughout the day as we engage them in the learning process by alternating activities from physical to cognitive, and combining both! In short, they keep the body and mind active while having a blast with friends.

Gymnastics Training

During camp, your child will rotate through all gymnastics events and learn an array of gymnastics skills. Building a strong foundation of basic gymnastics skills is the key to succeeding in all sports! Advanced students will be challenged to take it up to the next level!


  • Vault
  • Bars
  • Beam
  • Floor
  • Trampoline
  • Ninja

Physical Abilities

Gymnastics is the mother of all sports! Through gymnastics, students improve all physical abilities, including strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, speed, and grace. Through fitness challenges, fun games, and physical activities, students improve their fitness level without even realizing it.


  • Fitness Games
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Acro
  • Silks

Character Building

Character building is a key component of our camp. Through games and activities, students learn to work together and cooperate with one another. Students also have the opportunity to be leaders, helpers and role models. Our goal is to create a sense of pride and self confidence in every child.


  • Sharing
  • Teamwork
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Friendship

Open Play

Free play is the perfect time to use students’ imagination, play games and practice all the great skills one learns during the day. Open play enables students to socialize and explore the magical world of physical movement. Ready to have fun?


  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Dancing
  • Ninja Skills

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We have two time sessions for you to choose!  Session 1 is a half day and Session 2 is a full day.






Pricing 💲

We have pricing available for Gravity Members and as well as Non Members. (Become a Gravity Member: $30/child or $45/family)


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